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To the amazing Rick Kaplan and the Carolina Video Production team:

On behalf of Jay, myself and our parents, I cannot thank you enough for how beautifully you captured our wedding weekend. As if the slideshow you put together for our Rehearsal dinner wasnt enough to wow us all that very weekend- then came the wedding highlights link/video Im OBSESSED. My face lights up every time I watch it and both Jay and I will treasure that for many years to come. Our families have shared it with so many folks and even those who didnt attend our wedding have complimented what a great video it is and how it portrayed the Wedding day so perfectly; many of them told us they got happy tears watching and we love having Grandma kiss us goodbye at the end- so special.

So next came the full edited footage- for Friday and Saturday. When it arrived in the mail, Jay and I cancelled plans one night so we could watch it and then spent the entire week of Christmas reliving the weekend with each of our families. Mom even took it to the nursing home to show Grandma clips. We are so appreciative on how you caught the things that none of us got to see on the wedding day like the outdoor terrace/bar- which the Mother of the Groom never even knew existed (until she saw it in the video), the buffets and arrangement of food (which we never got around too) and so glad you panned through the crowd of guests slowly enough so we could go back and see who was there (and where they were all night ).

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for such quality work! We absolutely LOVE how you included music in between the actual footage. As much as our family loves music, we also can be extremely picky and you NAILED the song choice for us. In fact, some of those clips to the music are my favorite parts and I love when it fades into talking and then back to music!

In closing of this email, I cannot imagine not having a videographer at our wedding, but not just any videographer but THE BEST. We have extremely high expectations and I think its safe to say we are SO HAPPY with how everything turned out, I just hope we dont play our DVD out by over-playing it, haha. Thanks again for everything and best of luck to you all.